Lox bagel

I love waking up lazily on a Sunday morning and making my way to the kitchen to toast a bagel and layer goodies on it. I recently made my own gravlax and got to enjoy this amazing treat.

Lox Bagel

  • You favorite savory bagel – I used sundried tomato
  • Spreadable cream cheese
  • Capers
  • One red onion, sliced thinly
  • One tomato, sliced
  • Gravlax

Toast the bagel to your liking.  Spread cream cheese, sprinkle capers, layer red onion slices, tomato slices and finally gravlax.  Enjoy.



Zucchini Fritters

And now for some veggie comfort food.  There are few things I like more as part of a weekend brunch or snack than zucchini fritters.  I made these one day while trying to figure out how to get my hubby to like squash (my favorite vegetable).  He liked them the first time I made them and the recipe has evolved and improved over time.   These are light and crisp and so reminiscent of a leisurely summer day.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Zucchini Fritters

3 Medium size zucchinis, grated

1 Small white or yellow onion, grated

2 Scallions, sliced

1 heaping tsp Kosher salt, plus some to sprinkle

Ground black pepper

2 Large eggs, whites and yolks separated

1/2 cup + 1 tbsp All purpose flour

Canola oil

Sour cream


Heat oil in a skillet or deep fryer to 360 degrees.  Toss the zucchini and onion with 1 heaping teaspoon of salt. Placed the salted zucchini and onion mixture in a colander lined with several paper towels to absorb excess moisture.  Leave the mixture in the colander for about 15 minutes.  Remove as much moisture from the zucchini and onion as possible by squeezing with paper towels after they have drained in the colander.

This is my favorite setup when draining the zucchini and onion. All the excess liquid drains down into the plate.

In a medium bowl, whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form.  In a large bowl, combine egg yolks, the zucchini and onion mixture, flour, scallions, and about 1/4 tsp of pepper.  Gently fold the egg whites into the mixture.  Mixture should resemble a thick pancake batter.  If the mixture is too wet, add more flour a tablespoon at a time until the desired consistency is achieved.

Cook fritters in several batches, as to better regulate the heat of the oil.  Drop about 2 tbsp of batter at a time into the oil.  Flatten each mound of batter slightly. Fry the batter for about 3 minutes per side.  Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel to drain.  Sprinkle lightly with salt.  Repeat with remaining batter.  Serve hot or cold with sour cream or labneh and sprinkle with cilantro leaves.