Foreign Candy Friday: Yorkie

I was inspired by an experience I had at work the other day in which a coworker stopped me on my way out, pulled me over to the hallway and quietly (in a drug dealer kinda way) offered me 5 different Mexican candies, which he said he was nervous to try and was therefore going to either give them away or put them in the trash.  I didn’t want to stay, and frankly, wasn’t in the mood to change his view, so I took them, told him they were delish and left the office annoyed but trying really hard not to judge my coworker as an ignoramus.  I had the idea as I was driving home, to feature a different candy from around the world on my blog every week because I’m not afraid to try something new even if I can’t read the label.

This sexist candy bar was made available in my local Fresh and Easy market so I decided it would be an interesting first entry to this new weekly feature, Foreign Candy Friday.  Yorkie is a chunky milk chocolate bar, which was marketed as being “not for girls”, and even had an image of a female in a crossed out letter “O” on the wrapper, spelling out the name of the bar.


The chocolate is creamy and has a nice chocolate flavor, although nothing special.  The sexist slogan was done away with a few years ago.


Below is a Yorkie commercial:


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