Time warp!

We’re finally doing a small remodel to my time warp of a kitchen.  We’re about 80% finished and will be ready for the big reveal very soon, but here’s a peek at the before photos:

pre 1

This was taken as the cabinets were being cleared out, hence all the pantry items on the counter.  As you can see, the kitchen was very dark, there was no hardware on the cabinets and the countertop was this horrid, chipped, off-white tile with grout that was black, no matter what was used to clean it or how long it soaked.  The stainless steel sink to the far right was connected to a garbage disposal which had seized over two years ago when our drain was clogged and my hubby poured HCL down it.  Silly move.

Every few blank tiles, there was a mushroom.


The pantry used be floor to ceiling, had a dummy wall of flimsy wood paneling that you could press on and it would swing freely until it hit the stud behind it, all the shelves were mismatched and only some of the panels had random 70’s wallpaper, the shelves were also not level and – get this – shutters!

pre 2

We are waiting for the weekend to arrive so we can install our backsplash and we will be ready for the reveal after that.  Stay tuned!


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