Piña Para la Niña a.k.a. I’m a Fruit Ninja a.k.a. How to cut a pineapple

When my husband and I were in Kauai on our honeymoon almost 10 years ago, we went to a luau that had a buffet.  I noticed he started loading a particular item on his plate very heavily.  I asked him why he was stacking slices of butter so eagerly.  He pointed at the sign indicating it was grilled pineapple.  I told him it was mislabeled and was actually sliced butter, but he doubted me and continued at it.  Then we sat down and I couldn’t stop laughing when he took a big mouthful.

I love me some pineapple, especially freshly cut.

You can tell your pineapple is ripe by the color and scent. If the peel is mostly orangey-yellow and smells fragrant, it’s gonna be sweet.

Cut off the ends, like we did for the watermelon.

Carefully slice off the peel, turning the pineapple a little each time.

Slice around the core.

Always make cooking fun.



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